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Mexican Austin, 1900-1939 and the Origins of San José Catholic Church, Austin


West Austin colonia

Mexican immigration increased after 1910

Mexicans moved to East Austin after 1910

The Bouldin Addition

Mexican Mission in South Austin, 1939

A census of Catholics in Travis County, 1940

Building San José Church, 1940

The church was built of donated material

Spanish Diocesan Convention, 1940

The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1939


Holy Cross Mexican Missions in Austin, 1939-1946


Three Congregations of the Holy Cross

Origins of St. Edward's University

Holy Cross Fathers arrived in Austin in 1874

Guadalupe Church was founded in 1907

Guadalupe Church moved to East Austin in 1925

Holy Cross Fathers began work in South Austin in 1937

Mexican Mission in the Diocese of San Antonio

Rev. Mendez was assigned to the Mexican Mission

San José was the Mother Church of the Mexican Missions

San José was a national or language parish

Construction began in 1940

The Mexican Mission built four missionary churches

The Mexican mission was not self-supporting

"The Congregation of the Holy Cross never asked for anything"

Their efforts were rewarded


The Congregation of the Holy Cross in Mexico