At the March 2, 2014 meeting of the Socios del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús of San José Church, the Socios agreed to prepare a history of the Society at San José Church for use during the upcoming 75th Anniversary of San José Church. As the Secretary/Treasurer of the Society, the task fell on me.

Using archival materials from the Catholic Archives of Texas, the Austin History Center and San José Catholic Church, I was able to put together the present work in the form of an encyclopedia of history of San José Catholic Church.

In July 2018, the newly assigned pastor of San José, Rev. Jairo Sandoval-Pliego, announced plans for a 80th Anniversary celebration in August 2019. Faced with a dead line, I stopped research and compiled my notes into the present work. At some future date, work will recommence to bring the project to completion.


Pete Castillo, a parishioner of San José Church, has been my companion while researching the history of San José Parish. He, with the Sacramental Archivist of San José Parish, Mrs. Ester Terrazas, serves on the Steering Committee of the History Project. Mrs. Rosario Tristan, Receptionist at San José, also helped by giving me access to photographs submitted by parishioners during the 75th Anniversary Celebration and by locating the archived Sunday Bulletins. Eric Hartmann of the Catholic Archives of Texas was helpful.


This is the version placed on the World Wide Web in February 2019.